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Speculation Home

As I was creating this content, I realized the importance of balancing my personal authenticity with the expectations of our website visitors. It was challenging to find the right mix but I ultimately decided to do both. I wanted to share the emotional story behind building this house while also sharing the features could be incorporated into your own dream home. While I didn’t build the Akenhead speculation home specifically for the eventual homeowners, their appreciation of it was still gratifying. I am excited to share my passion for this build and hope you will enjoy hearing about it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  

Unique Home Features Akenhead, Cedar

Let me start with what drives my passion for building. I am motivated by my love for creating and pushing boundaries, and I believe my actions reflect that. I have taken some risks in the hope  of achieving my goals. I am not interested in building a house that looks like the one down the street or that could have been made by any building company on the island. Instead I take some risks and put my heart into each custom home build, turning them into something exceptional. Like any work of art, my custom home builds will not resonate with everyone. However, for those that it does resonate with, an emotional cord is struck that goes deeper than what could ever be made between a homeowner and a mass produced house.

The Akenhead home was the turning point for me where I decided to step out of the box and break all the rules. The architecture, engineering and layout design were a challenge but fulfilling to accomplish. I purchased the land, selected the blueprint, and then made it my own. The convention approach would be to build the cheapest house in the best neighbourhood. However, I wanted to build the most unique and beautiful house I could. I hoped I could find a client, or potential buyer, who shared my appreciation for pushing boundaries and creating something truly exceptional. After years of work and planning, we had our first open house. It was a ghost town and I was nervous. However, all I needed was one person to understand and appreciate what was built.

Reputation of the Akenhead Home Build

When the right client did come, an emotional cord was struck right away. They said they went to every newly built home they could find and nothing spoke to them. Once they walked through this home they knew it was their home, they even gave me a hug when I gave them the keys. This gave me the confidence to keep building with the same style and taking the same risks knowing that the home will be appreciated by the right buyer.

8 years later, I asked the homeowners for the pictures you see on this website. The house is shining and still standing strong. Nothing fills me with that much pride and that’s a feeling you can’t buy. The Akenhead build helped me establish a reputation and get recognition for building a beautiful quality home. Now I build custom homes for people directly and I continue to be inspired by what they want and how far I can push architectural limits and further develop my skills.