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Building Coastal Custom Homes Since 2003

About Gamble Homes Custom Home Building Company

We could tell you more about us; however, a custom home is all about you; what style of house and architecture you prefer; what materials you like to use for construction; what your lifestyle is like. You have a vision of what that looks like for you. You are ready for the house of your dreams. We want to know your preference from style and functionality to how many bedrooms you would like. We have been in business since 2014 and have worked on multiple houses in the Cowichan Valley. We are there from start to finish and have helped many happy homeowners build the home of their dreams. We would be thrilled to help you next!

About the Gamble Homes Team

Local staff, providing opportunity, supporting community

At Gamble Homes, we are fully committed to building a workforce where all employees can perform at their best and reach their full potential. We know that employing workers with different attributes, backgrounds, experiences, and skills, is what makes us successful. We attract the best talent, provide quality work, and increase our productivity and ability to innovate. These outcomes benefit the community around us and help us achieve our primary goal: building quality homes.

Gamble Homes Build

Modelled after a 1950 house. 

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Gamble Homes Custom Home Builders

Professional training, custom craftsmen

We have partnered with local schools to provide work-for-credit opportunities for students. Our team of five apprentices attend classes in pursuit of their Red Seal Carpentry Certificates. I use my extensive experience as a craftsman and custom home builder to train my team.  I also have sign-off authority for certification. I am also committed to furthering my own education.  I completed 20 courses on building energy-efficient homes in 2021 and use this knowledge to train my team.


We prioritize clear and effective communication with our clients to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that we deliver the home of their dreams.

Community focus

We provide opportunities for students and help them gain high school credits and obtain their Red Seal Carpentry Certificates.


We have been building net zero homes with green building techniques and materials before the government made it a law.

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Chase Gamble Custom Builder
About the Gambles

Lisa is a real estate agent for Vancouver Island and Chase is the owner and operator of Gamble Homes. The duo help people feel at home in the Cowichan Valley – whether that is by purchasing a ready-built home or custom building a home of their own. When Lisa and Chase aren’t working to help people find or build their dream home, they can be found at the hockey arena or ball fields around Ladysmith with their son and two daughters. Who better to create a house that fits your lifestyle than those who live it?