Custom Home Process

Initial meeting, planning, and move-in

Custom House Building Process Vancouver Island

Building a home involves more than what initially meets the eye. While construction, is the visible aspect of the process a home build, and is typically step 4 in process, a lot of planning takes place before that is reached and the team is here to help every step of the way. Their approach is not to just show up one day with your completed home and say voila! Chase believes being a small company is their biggest asset because they can truly personalize your experience as well as your home. The unique characteristics and intricacies of custom home builds are what inspire Chase and his team. Chase and his team are there for you because you are far more than just another customer.

Custom Home Build Step 1

Initial meeting, visioning, and logistics

Every individual has their own set of personal values, just as Gamble Homes has their own set of company values. The initial meeting serves to determine if those values align and to answer any questions you may have. Building a home is a commitment. It’s an investment of time, energy, and money. Nevertheless, like all sound investments, it can yield excellent returns. In this meeting, the scope of the project and options, for your house build, is established. Your property is viewed from a holistic perspective and consideration is given as to where the house, driveway, and powerlines are going to be, and your overall vision for the project is discussed.

Gamble build

Custom Home Build Step 2

Contacting designers for your custom home build

Working with an architect, or draftsperson and perhaps a designer to develop the blueprints for your house is one of the most important parts of a custom home build. Chase reviews the blueprints once they’re completed and strives to understand why they look the way they do. Perhaps there’s a fine china cabinet going into an extended corner; a koi pond in the living room; a crawl space or specialty rooms like a wine cellar. Chase makes sure that you’re making informed decisions and that the right people to execute your vision are hired. Once this step is completed, the Home Building Contract is signed.

Custom Home Build Step 3

Permit, planning, and engineering

Extensive knowledge and experience are essential in accomplishing step three. Knowing the ins and outs of obtaining permits from local zoning authorities accelerate the process of planning and engineering. You will be informed of what and who you need, from Geotech’s to archaeologists. Like any big undertaking, the more time and focus spent on planning, the smoother the operation, and the less the likelihood of costly errors or mistakes. At this stage in the process, a rough estimate, for the custom house build, can be established.

Custom Home Build Step 4

Construction for unique custom home builds

Construction is the step that meets the eye. At this point the planning is done, the contract is signed, and a rough budget is established. You get rewarded for all your hard work by seeing your custom home take shape. A team of five apprentices and a network of professions who focus on plumbing, wiring, excavation, drywall and insulation ensure your home is built right.

Custom home build

Custom Home Build Step 5

Details, move-in, showing house operations

To ensure that the house meets your comfort, aesthetic, and sustainability needs, you can hire an interior designer, to assist with paint, cabinetry, fixture, appliances and other choices. Chase wants to make sure that the move-in process is natural and effortless and will guide through the operation of all features in your new home. You get to take the first step into your new home and start the next chapter of your life.

Finished home build

Custom Home Build Step 6

Safeguard your investment with check-ins

To safeguard your investment, check-ins are conducted at several intervals, including after the first few months, six months, and one year to see ensure you have everything you need to properly maintain your home and address any questions you may have. This is one of Chase’s favourite steps because he gets to see his clients enjoying the fruits of his team’s hard work and their new home. Incredible positive feedback has been received from clients at this step, which is rewarding, after putting so much care into bringing the client’s vision to life.  Not a single client has expressed a desire to make changes after the move-in. They are happy, their needs are met, and their boxes are checked. That is the hallmark of a job well done.