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Walkem, Ladysmith, BC
Walkem house build

About Our Ladysmith Build

Detailing, finishing, proofing

The Walkem home was initially planned as a conventional speculation home. I acquired a lot in Ladysmith, BC and picked up a plan off the shelf. However, as a custom craftsman who sees his craft like an art, I quickly became bored. I couldn’t imagine creating art without the liberty to express myself. I proceeded to build the house to a high level of finishing that well surpassed traditional expectations for a speculation build. Have a look.

Unique Home Features Ladysmith BC

The house features real hardwood floors, with 18-foot vaulted ceilings, quartz countertops, natural stone fireplace, painted maple cabinets and much, much more! The house meets or exceeds all expectations and requirements, and has many desired features and characteristics. I felt pride in my work, confident about a quick sale. Then it sat empty for 8 months. I was questioning what I had done. “You did it again, Chase, you couldn’t stay in the lines!” However, one day I received a call from the realtor saying  potential buyers wanted to meet the builder. They invited me over, gave me a hug, and said they are buying the house. Many people passed through the speculation house and admired its quality, high-level detailing, and engineering. People took notice of our work and were inspired to have a home of their own, built according to their unique aspirations. That is why we get to build the ambitious houses we are building today.

House Details:

3 bedrooms plus den, butler’s kitchen, 3 bath, LED lighting, extra insulation, heated floors, stone fireplace, hardwood flooring, craftsman staircase.